Mayan Harvest Coffee

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mayan harvest coffee

Bellavista, San Pedro, Chiapas, Mexico
Berkeley, California, USA


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Royal Coffee inc

3306 Powell Street
Emeryville, California 94608

001 (510) 652 4256

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Royal Coffee new york

661 Hadley Road
South Plainfield, NJ 07080

001 (908) 756-6400



Bella Vista

Chiapas, Mexico. Coordinates: 15°35′0″N 92°13′11″W

Bella Vista is a small municipality in the heart of the Chiapas Sierra were Rosalba was born. Her family members have been farming coffee for centuries. Farming coffee is a tradition, a sense of pride, their connection to the market and the main means for economic prosperity. With the help of Rosalba they hand select the coffee cherry beans, harvest, dry, mill, process, bag and export top quality green coffee beans.

"I remember sitting by the fire with my grandma and aunts to thresh corn and hear them talk about the day, the coming harvest and their dreams. At 10 years old I would never imagined that I would grow up to export my town's coffee all over the world" Rosalba CIFUENTES TOVIA



Mayan Harvest partners with Roasters who value the knowledge and hard work of farmers and the honesty, traceability and quality we provide. We look for roasters who want to establish long term sustainable relationships. By buying their roasted coffee you are contributing to a transforming the coffee supply chain. Join Us!